Ward Anderson

Portrait picture of Ward Anderson
Ward Anderson was a cinema chain in Ireland until 2013. It was the largest chain in Ireland and operated cinemas throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. It was not a single company but was a group of companies such as Provincial Cinemas Ltd., the Dublin Cinema Group, the Green Group, and so on, owned by its founders, half brothers Leo Ward (born 1919) and Kevin Anderson (born 1915), and its brands were managed by members of their families. Until it was divided in 2013, the group ran two main chains - Omniplex Cinemas and Irish Multiplex Cinemas - which operated in many provincial towns in Ireland. The typical cinema owned by the group had between five and ten screens. They also used the Cineplex brand name. The group's companies owned 23 cinemas in Ireland and 12 cinemas in Northern Ireland.The group's flagship was the Savoy Cinema in O'Connell Street, Dublin. It also owned the Screen Cinema in D'Olier Street, which tends to show more alternative films.


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